7 Best Hosting Platforms for Python Application

Coding is fun with Python, and it is great for crafting complex applications quickly and efficiently.

You might have heard this popular saying –

“Age is just a number”

Well, this saying truly applies to. Given its 30-year old journey as an object-oriented programming language, it is popular among tech elite and beginners alike.


There are so many, but to sum up, its versatility, simple coding, and forward-looking features, which have made it resilient after all these years.

Python, in fact, is one of the three most used programming languages after Java and C, according to the. Tiobe estimates that Python could outperform Java and C to be the most popular programming language in the coming years.

Three decades down the line, top companies like Google, Mozilla, YouTube, etc., have leveraged it along with NASA, which has used it for helping its scientists in particle acceleration as well finding life on the planet Mars.

A python is a great option for so many applications, including AI,, data science, Internet of Things (IoT), and web development along with Raspberry Pi. Not only is this language fascinating to work with, but also its story.

The quick story behind its creation

Python was named after a British comedy series – “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, parodying the legend of King Arthur.

This programming language stemmed from the boredom of a programmer in the 1980s.wrote an interpreter for a fresh scripting language and then named it “Python”.

Python is an object-oriented programming language with clean and concise coding. It includes English words in its coding, which contributes to its simplicity and readability, plus it is packed with powerful libraries to make it easy for you. There are so manyavailable out there, including Django, Pyramid, Flask, TurboGears, and web2py. Using those makes you code easily for web applications without thinking about protocols, thread management, process, and so on.

Why do people love Python?

Readable and simple syntax

Python was designed to deliver a powerful and elegant platform to empower programmers with efficient coding. It is aimed at both experienced and novice users to adapt quickly to the language. It organizes all your statements via indentation, declaring error possibility or punctuation, and removing visual clutter.

No code compiling

As Python is an interpreted programming language, it saves you time by skipping code compilation. All your programs can natively run on Windows, Mac, and most variants of Unix.

Built-in modules

Python comes with a versatile and rich standard library, and you don’t have to install packages separately. It includes support and tools for protocols, creating GUI, connecting to databases, testing, and parsing. You can lavage them to reduce length and time taken to code.

Easy to learn

Python is comparativelyas it is designed to benefit both – experienced programmers and beginners with its coding simple and readable, as explained in the first point.

Why is it crucial to hosting Python applications on a secure and reliable platform?

When it comes to hosting Python, there are limited options available out there despite its popularity and usefulness. But to make the most of your hosting plan, you need to choose a reliable and secure platform for better throughput and availability.

A decent hosting provider would save you from all the frustration, pain, and waste of time that you may face with a poor-performing site. Additionally, when the Internet is more vulnerable than ever before, it willfrom malware, phishing campaigns, and other threats.

That said, let’s look at some of the reliable hosting platforms for Python applications.


For Python lovers,offers enterprise-grade hosting with “batteries-included”, meaning, it is available for you to use directly with the standard library and no requirement of separate packages.

Hence, you can enjoy hassle-free deployment along with MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, and SSL certificates with no additional cost. It provides native support and microservices for Python, Node.js, and Java to build robust applications.

Platform.sh offers instant staging so you can carry out continuous deployments. For this, it provides you with an unchangeable infrastructure to host Python projects. It supports Python 2 and Python 3 along with their Git-based workflow that makes it easier to test your application in Python 2, ready for Python 3.

Platform.sh is a 2nd Gen PaaS and includes a range of hosting services suitable for different projects. They provide template libraries for Django, uWSGI, and Python 3. The library offers an easy-to-use and streamlined way where you can interact with its environment. To access relationships and routes cleanly, you can find various utility methods.

A2 Hosting

Avail tailored-made, fast, and polished Python hosting solution by. Utilize its high-performing and ultra-fast Swiftservers to boost page loading speed up to 20 times faster.

Since its inception in 2003, A2 Hosting has concentrated on providing high-end development software in the best versions. It includes Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, PERL, Node.js, Apache, SFTP/FTP, free SSL, and SSH access.

With incredible server performance, A2 helps you improve your SEO rankings, conversion rates, and bounce rates. You also have the freedom to choose your own server location closest to your place.

Don’t be a victim of cyber-attacks; instead, choose the secure platform of A2 Hosting. To block online threats, it provides HackScan Protection for free.

Furthermore, A2 Hosting provides Reinforced DDoS Protection to keep your site online even during advanced attacks. Migrate your website to A2 Hosting either by yourself or take the expert help of its migration experts for free.

A2 Hosting commits to 99.99% uptime, so your site remains available all the time to serve your visitors. However, if you don’t find the services up to the mark, you can claim a money-back guarantee anytime.


Utilize the complete Python environment installed already for you with. There involves no web server maintenance or configuration to get started; just write codes and build your applications. Develop “anywhere” if an Internet connection and browser are with you.

If you are launching a Django project, you can do it within minutes by following a simple process in PythonAnywhere without requiring a Linux system or web server.

It also provides you with quick installers that you can utilize for installing Django, Flask, Bottle, and web2copy. They can handle multiple WSGI frameworks that might already be installed. For scalability, it offers different plans you can choose as your business grows.

You can also write programs via an editor or by running console sessions through a browser. PythonAnywhere supports different Python versions starting from 2.7 to 3.6, along with the goodness that comes with Python installations.

It includes useful libraries such as NumPy, Mechanize, SciPy, pycrypto, BeautifulSoup, and more. The powerful server of Amazon EC2 hosts the platform of PythonAnywhere.

Manage files using their web UI or work with command lines from Bitbucket, GitHub, or another public repository. Utilize its schedule task option to run Python scripts at regular intervals. You can, connect with home automation systems, archive tweets, and so on.


The performance and features ofare worth investing your money on. It offers quick domain transfer for free along with free renewals for one year. With SSD storage, you can access your files and databases 30
0% faster.

Distribute content across the globe and stay closer to your customers with a Cloudflare CDN completely free. It provides the powerful control panel – cPanel for managing your FastComet hosting account. Safeguard your data with backups on a daily and weekly basis for free.

For security, it offers FastGuard as its website security that protects its servers, forming a global defense network to counteract online threats and boost performance. The security layer includes account isolation, Brute Force Protection, free SSL certificate,, malware detection, as well as removal, DDoS removal, and detection.

FastComet offers 1-click app installs for 450+ applications available. For a detailed understanding, it offers DIY solutions consisting of developer tools and over 20 frameworks, step-by-step tutorials. With observer monitoring, you can get the insights.

All the plans include free site migration for all your emails, databases, and files. You get free priority support 24/7 to tackle technical difficulties.


Build Python applications and APIs by using Django, Falcon, Twisted, Tornado, Pyramid, and API Star. You can easily deploy, manage, and scale your apps by following simple procedures in.

Deploy apps from Git, CI systems, or GitHub. Heroku runs all the applications in a dynamic, secure, and smart container – Dyno. You also get to choose your preferred Python version. Manage applications from a detailed dashboard or by using a CLI.

By using the App Metrics, you can monitor CPU, throughput, response time, and memory to diagnose errors. You can also determine the right time to scale your website by looking at the dashboard figures. See all the deployments released and rollback to previous versions if you need to.

You can also get event log aggregates for knowing the behavior of your applications. Build MVC web applications with Django, flexible applications with Pyramid, lightweight APIs using Flask, headless worker applications, and event apps using Twisted. Utilize Gunicorn or other WSGI servers like uWSGI. Run WebSocket applications using Flask-Sockets, process asynchronous works with Celery.

Extend your applications using Postgres, an SQL with JSONB support to quickly access semi-structured data. Heroku offers 175+ add-ons that 3rd-party cloud services manage and provide better functionality, including data storage, loggings, etc. you can use RedisGreen to streamline asynchronous jobs in Celery.

Additionally, it offers Papertrail for app logging and NewRelic for monitoring.


The Python hosting service ofis built upon managed containers that use integrated MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, and other robust add-ons to deploy and run Python applications. With NodeChef Cloud, app deployments are possible in seconds.

Connect a repository from GitLab, Bitbucket, or GitHub for quick deployments. All it takes is just one command for installing the CLI and deploying a project folder. You can also archive your folder with Tar or Zip, access your dashboard to select files, and upload a project.

NodeChef offers high-performing SSD servers to provide a powerful infrastructure. It lets you run your database and apps on dedicated CPU, storage, and RAM. It also provides database management tools and supports data recovery, continuous backups, and slow-query profiling.

It provides performance monitoring with regular uptime metrics with details on response latency, instances, HTTP logs, memory, and CPU usage.

The data centers of NodeChef are located in the following four regions.

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Singapore

NodeChef delivers zero downtime for Python apps with horizontal and vertical scalability. You can add or remove containers on demand by a simple click.

Google Cloud

Benefit from the highly scalable and secure infrastructure ofto host your Python applications. It lets you build apps, deploy, and monitor them easily through its advanced technologies. Using its APIs, you can easily draw actionable insights by looking at your data.

Google Cloud offers so many Python libraries and APIs for your benefit. It offers powerful monitoring, diagnostics, and loggings. You get better insights into the performance, availability, and overall health of your cloud-based Python apps periodically.

Furthermore, you can build ML models with the powerful APIs of Google Cloud and also perform data analytics.


The user-friendly design, versatility, learning curve, and many more attributes of Python compel developers to execute tasks effortlessly, including even the complex ones. Hence, boost its power by complementing it with a superbly performing hosting service to get the most of your.