10 NodeJS Frameworks to Speed up Web and API Development

NodeJS has been in the industry for a while now. Due to its asynchronous nature and support of Chrome V8 engine, it has become widely popular.

Nodejs is probably one of theto develop a full-stack application. Once you’ve decided to go with Nodejs, the following frameworks and plugins will be handy in developing backend and API services.


is one of the most popular web and API development framework for NodeJS. It has been so widely used that almost every Web development project starts with the integration of express JS.

There are a bunch of reasons for choosing ExpressJS as the first plugin.

  • Large bundle of features to support all you need in your development tasks
  • Easy routing facility for routing your web requests to the function
  • Provides an organized platform for coding APIs
  • Supported with most of the other supporting libraries and plugins
  • Secured and maintained consistently to keep up with the standards
  • Great community support

In addition to these benefits, the developers of the plugin have also created an easy-to-use project generator. This generator can create a template project to get you off-the-feet faster. To learn about building REST API, check out this.


is a web-socket framework that is available for multiple programming languages.

In NodeJS, SocketIO allows building a web socket applications like chatbots, score tickers, dashboard APIs and others. SocketIO has significant benefits over the conventional NodeJS web socket library.

  • Support for custom URL routing for web sockets
  • Auto-generated identifiers for every socket
  • Easy management of socket rooms to broadcast data
  • Easier integration with Express JS
  • Supports clustering with Redis
  • Support for socket authentication with an additional plugin – socketio-auth
  • Inbuilt fallback HTTP protocol based handling for a server which does not support HTTP 1.1


is an ExpressJS middleware that makes parsing of objects simpler. Body Parser help in removing the redundancy in code in terms of parsing the request. It supports the following parser.

  • JSON
  • Raw body
  • URL-encoded
  • Text body
  • body/co-body


is a full-fledged MVC architecture framework. It uses ExpressJS and SocketIO at its core. Sails.js got popular for its enterprise-grade architecture that allowed faster integration with the database using model objects.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Sails.JS comes with a project to immediately generate project template
  • The folder structure in Sails.JS is extremely well-organized
  • Development of object models and exposing them using frontend is speedy
  • Allows easy integration of middleware for authorization, authentication and pre-processing
  • Comes with built-in support for AWS S3 and GridFS


framework was initially built to overcome the drawbacks of ExpressJS framework. Walmart sighted these drawbacks while they were preparing for a heavy traffic event.

Hapi.JS is a robust framework to build services and API. It’s known for its stability and reliability.


is a server-side platform that provides a ready to use a platform to build real-time, chatbot, IoT, eCommerce, REST applications. It also allows premium users to publish their applications on the platform for others to use.

The benefits of using Total.JS as a base for your development are:

  • Rapid prototyping abilities
  • Comes a lot of pre-built components that allows faster development
  • Holds a library of applications that can be easily fetched and integrated into your application
  • Module based framework that allows simplifying work distribution in a large project
  • Community Chat
  • Consistently maintained a store of applications that are ready for use


is an API development framework that comes integrated with API explorer. The API explorer can be connected easily to client-side applications using readily available LoopbackJS SDKs. The SDKs are available for Android, AngularJS, Angular 2+ as well as iOS applications.

LoopBack is trusted by GoDaddy, Symantec, Bank of America and many more. You will find many examples on their site to create backend API, secure REST API, persist data, etc. And yes, it got built-in API explorer.


is a complete web development and API creation solution with an incredible design at its core. Meteor is a framework that is used for rapid application building. Meteor architecture allows you to execute code on the frontend as well as backend without having to re-write the code.

This improves the development speed by a great extent. Significant benefits of using Meteor are:

  • Hybrid application development framework
  • With a single code base, you can build a desktop app, web app as well as mobile application
  • It comes with a tightly coupled frontend which helps in reducing your code footprint
  • Highly extensible with a range of plugins
  • Supports various frontend templating frameworks
  • Supports hot code push which allows eradicating the need for updating mobile applications

Learn to.


Build a production-ready semantically correct RESTfull web service with.

It uses only relevant Express JS modules which make the codebase lighter compared to other frameworks. Trusted by Netflix, Pinterest, Joyent, etc. – you won’t go wrong in choosing them.


primarily leverages code generators to allow developers to speed up their development. It comes with various middlewares and plugins to help you manage sessions, request, cookies as well as data transactions.


The same team behind Express designs koa. It works with Nodejs 7.6+ and has a lot offor you to get it started.


Thanks to the beautiful frameworks and plugins which makes development easier and faster.